Do I really need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

As of the 21st May 2010, if you decide to place your property on the market be it for sale or rent within England and Wales you will need to purchase an EPC.

Who is responsible for obtaining an EPC?

When it comes to a new build, this responsibility falls to the person carrying out the work. They must provide the owner with the certificate and inform the Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector that this has been completed within the specified time.

When you are selling or renting your property, you, as the seller or landlord must provide the EPC. The certificate is available free of charge and should be given to the prospective buyer or tenant prior to entering into a sale or lease agreement.

The householder will have to pay for this survey and we offer extremely competitive prices.

The survey is entirely non-invasive as the information provided to the assessor is given directly from the householder. For example, whether the property has cavity wall insulation or not, even when there is no evidence of drill holes present.

Can I go ahead and market/rent the property before I have received the EPC?

As long as you have already ordered and paid for an EPC then you are permitted to put your property on the market or advertise it for renting purposes. We will make sure you receive confirmation of your order immediately after booking the EPC.

How do I order my EPC?

This is easily placed either via the “Contact Us” section on this website or please feel free to call the number available, however you wish to procced we are happy to help.